Mojotone BV-30H 12" British Vintage 30W Speaker 8 OHM

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Our beloved BV series speakers are a favorite among guitarist of all genres.  We worked closely with our manufacturing partners to ensure these speakers not only sound awesome, they also have an eye catching look.  Our "H" speaker produces tones that are rich in midrange, assisting guitar players "cut through the mix" better than ever. Toss in our BV 30 H and hear the difference for yourself.
  • Speaker Size: 12"
  • Voice Coil: 1.75"
  • Magnet: 50 oz. Ceramic
  • Power Handing: 30 watts
  • Resonance (Fs): 97Hz 
  • Sensitivity: 99db

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2/17/2021 1:32 pm

sounded good from the start

by anonymous

I have been trying a lot of different speakers the last couple of years with a variety of Marshall style amps. Celestion Heritage Greenbacks,G12H 70th Ann.,Alnico Blue, Tone Tubby Alnico, Avatar Hellatone, Scumback M75, H75, H75 LHDC to name a few. The Mojotone BV30H was the cheapest and the one that really surprised me. It's smooth like a Scumback and it has a very even response across the frequency range. It's got more headroom than a 20 or 25 watt greenback RI and it's clean tones are clear at lower volume. It drives more smoothly than the Hellatone when pushed. Most impressive is that it doesn't seem to color or change the character of the amp. it also doesn't need a ton of time to break in. It sounded good from the start.

2/17/2021 1:32 pm

hard for me to not give a 5 out of 5

by anonymous

Picked up an older one of these at a local MusicGoRound and it's made a major improvement to my recently acquired Blues Jr. I actually have an older Mojotone 1x12 cab with a British G12H Anniversary in it and that's what I'd been playing the Blues Jr through prior to the speaker swap.

Right after installing the BV-30H, the amp sounded exactly the same (I didn't re-EQ anything) as the Celestion (which is broken in by now). However, tweaking the EQ some revealed a very smooth top-end when driven--something that's VERY hard for me to get to with the Celestion. That's since come to define how I feel about this speaker: "Smooth", versus the pure "Raw" sound of the Celestion (both good and bad).

A friend even noticed the improvement in the amp the next rehearsal; noting that it was sounding much smoother and less harsh than the stock Eminence the Blues Jr came with. Even now I feel like the amp could be used as a "dual" channel amp with a Fat switch since I won't feel like I'm cranking up a can of woolen bees like I did with the original speaker. I love the G12H Anniversary, but given how this is cheaper and much more easy to get useful tones out of with just the amp (or pedals), it's hard for me to not give a 5 out of 5 or recommend for friends when they want to swap a speaker!