Mojotone BV-30H 12" British Vintage 30W Speaker 8 OHM

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Our beloved BV series speakers are a favorite among guitarist of all genres.  We worked closely with our manufacturing partners to ensure these speakers not only sound awesome, they also have an eye catching look.  Our "H" speaker produces tones that are rich in midrange, assisting guitar players "cut through the mix" better than ever. Toss in our BV 30 H and hear the difference for yourself.
  • Speaker Size: 12"
  • Voice Coil: 1.75"
  • Magnet: 50 oz. Ceramic
  • Power Handing: 30 watts
  • Resonance (Fs): 97Hz
  • Sensitivity: 100.05db
  • Size 12" Speaker
  • Voice Coil 1.5" Voice Coil
  • Magnet 30 oz Ceramic Magnet
  • Power Handling 50 watts
  • Efficiency 99 dB
  • Voice Coil Type Nomex voice coil
  • Weight 5.73lbs

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9/19/2023 5:28 pm

Maybe my favorite speaker among all I’ve tried and I’ve tried a lot.

by Ramil

Beautiful looking speaker. Overall I describe the sound as big and full. It has a beautiful voiced and present midrange not overwhelming or overtaking with a big but tight or controlled low end that makes it sound big. The top end is sparkly but not harsh or overly bright. The amp I’m using it with has a fenderish clean channel and a kind of hrm overdrive channel. This speaker delivers beautifully both kind of tones and clean or dirty. I have two 212 cabs in my studio and have tried more than 20 speakers. I’m not going to mention brands. I like very much the speakes in those cabs but when I tried this speaker in one of them together with the other three, it quickly became a favorite.

8/15/2023 4:03 pm

My Current Favorite Speaker

by Jose Lopez

This is my first time personally experiencing how vastly different an amp can sound by switching out the speaker.

I was struggling with my tone (particularly with a higher gain amp I own), but once I played the amp through my new BV-30H everything seemed to fall into place. I am no longer considering selling the amp I was wrestling with and I've already purchased another one to try it in my Fender-style amp.

Personally, I can’t tell if I like a piece of gear until I’ve played it at a gig with my band. The BV-30H speaker passed the live gig test. I loved the sound of this speaker immediately—it cuts through the mix and feels great in my hands.

10/10 would recommend!