Mojotone 2X12 West Coast Speaker Extension Cabinet

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Weight: 36 lb
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Modeled after one of the most iconic speaker cabinets of all time, our West Coast 2x12 takes you one step closer to the sound of the LA boutique amp scene.  This 3/4" Baltic Birch shell perfectly facilitates thick and punchy tones, while the oval-ported rear panel design tunes the cabinet's low end output and drops the player seamlessly into the mix. With rubber feet on one of the cabinet's shorter side panels as well as one of the cabinet's longer side panels, the West Coast 2x12 allows users to orient their extension cabinet either vertically or horizontally depending upon the size of the head shell being used along with it.  

As with all of our cabinets, the West Coast 2x12 is made right here in the USA at our facility in North Carolina.  This cabinet's build quality is unparalleled, just like the cabinet it's modeled after.  
  • Dimensions:(H) 28" x (W) 22" x (D) 12"
  • Covering: Fender Style Black Tolex
  • Grill Cloth: Black Matrix Cloth
  • Piping: Medium White Piping
  • Hardware: Large Black Leather Handle, Large Rubber Feet
  • Speaker Cut Out:2x12
  • Wiring Harness: Included

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11/2/2021 1:15 pm

Amazing Cabinet

by Richard D. - Verified Reverb Purchase -

I received the cab and I love it! I haven’t ordered speakers for it yet, so I took speakers from other amps I have and put them in the cab for now. They are a Mesa Black Shadow and an Eminence Private Jack. Certainly an odd pairing but still a good substitute lol! I’m using a Ceriatone Joyful Music 100 that I built. Very excited to use the new cab at an outdoor gig tomorrow. Thanks again!