Mojotone BV-30V 12" British Vintage 60W Speaker 16 OHM

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12/ 08-31-16

Mojotone Speakers are produced using soft parts from Germany and the UK. Our beloved BV series speakers are a favorite among guitarists of all genres. We worked closely with our manufacturing partners to ensure these speakers not only sound awesome, they also have an eye catching look.  Our "V" speaker produces sparkling highs while maintaining a tight low end.  Guitarists seeking a "scooped" sound will love our BV 30 V speaker.  
  • Speaker Size:12"
  • Voice Coil:1.75"
  • Magnet:47 oz Ceramic
  • Power Handling:60 watts
  • Resonance (Fs)72Hz
  • Sensitivity:99db

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10/25/2022 1:46 pm

Mojo BV-30V

by Dave -

This speaker works great with my 18 watt Marshall.
Right out of the box it's not harsh or overly bright.

More low end than a greenback. Stays tight in the low end
when to amp is cranked.

I have read reviews that this speaker is scooped. I think the mids are still there.

I have it in it's own open back cabinet. It takes the top end just enough
that my Telecaster has a nice warm tone. Cleans up nice with a twist of the volume control.

With my 59' Gibson Melody Maker that is modded with a humbucker it's fat and holds up with the amp cranked. I think the low end says tight.

It is different enough that I feel like I have two good option between this
and the aged greenback my Marshall comes with.

2/17/2021 1:32 pm

closer to true vintage british tone than other speakers

by anonymous

I am writing this review because more folks should be aware of good quality gear like this. I had been going through one of my speaker shootout phases (trying everything from eminence, jensen, but mostly different celestions) when I tried a mojo bv-30 because I got a good deal. first let me say that although in my speaker comparisons I had always gone back to the celestion vintage 30, that was prior to getting a hold of one of the mojo speakers. most of my comparisons we're done either using an early silverface fender deluxe reverb amp or a Dr. Z Maz-18 through a 1x12 JD Newell extension cabinet. the celestion vintage 30 works well with a lower wattage amplifier because you actually want as much volume and punch you can get out of the 1x12 configuration. but that's what I always hated about the celestion vintage 30 was that it was always louder than any other speaker and it sounds like they just turned up lows, mids, and highs. although as to be expected the mojo speaker is a little less loud than the celestion, the tone is different than the vintage 30 but in a good way. the mojo speaker is a little less edgy. it almost sounds like a subtle mix of an alnico and ceramic speaker. it still has nice highs and mids, and the low end is tight and punchy but it just seems like it has a warm smoothness to it. compresses very nicely and breaks up nicely. Mark, the guy who builds and designs Victoria amps (Victoria Amp Co.) says these are marketed to be celestion vintage 30 knockoffs but in reality they sound like early 60's oxford speakers which is a good thing! I think he's right, my oxford speakers in my old fender amps always sounded good but they we're unpractical because they farted out too early. the mojo speakers get rid of that problem. if I had to guess I would say these speakers come closer to true vintage british tone than other speakers do.