Hoffman Stout Chassis v2

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Punched aluminum chassis for the Hoffman Stout amplifier. 
  • Octal Socket Holes: 3
  • 9-Pin Socket Holes: 3
  • Dimensions: 12"W x 2-1/2"H x 6.5"D
  • Construction: .090 Brushed Aluminum
  • Power Transformer:18 Watt PT
  • Choke:MOJO778
  • Output Transformers:18 Watt OT orMOJO772
  • Chassis Mounting: 12 5/8" x 5 1/4" center to center

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2/17/2021 1:48 pm

a unique layout that can be perfect for certain builds

by Craig French -

Good chassis, a unique layout that can be perfect for certain builds. I like this chassis for a specific 2x6V6GT build, it's super compact. This chassis is unusual in that the tube sockets are on the same side as the front panel input and controls. To me that suggested a great platform for a point-to-point build (since, for example, you can connect the input jack directly to the first preamp tube grid with the grid stop resistor, etc.) It might seem odd to people used to classic Fender or Marshall type layouts, where the sockets are normally on the rear panel side. So you do have to plan your build layout carefully with this chassis. A few other observations: the corners are not welded; the front panel hole spacing is not uniform -- the two end holes are a bit closer to their neighbor than all of the other holes (check Hoffman's EL34 forum for the actual drilled dimensions) which may or may not matter depending on the knobs you wish to use but for example you can't fit two black Fender-style skirted knobs (the kind with a 1 3/16" bottom skirt diameter) next to each other in the last 2 spots, even though these knobs will fit fine in the first seven holes next to the input jack. However, if you use, say, 20mm diameter knobs across the front, that works fine. The transformer mounting holes are drilled for typical 18W iron, and the Ceriatone Lunchbox 20W transformer set, for the Son of Yeti, also fits on this chassis perfectly (the PT fits both standup and letdown style). The side holes for a can cap are very tight to the bottom of the chassis, and if you use it you'll want to modify the cap mounting bracket as shown in the Hoffman forum. I've enjoyed building with this chassis. It's very compact and will fit into a Mojo 5E3 cabinet mounted on the inside of the rear panel, but depending on the size of your PT you may need to order the custom 1" deeper cabinet.