'54 Clone Strat® Pickup

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$76.95 to $217.95

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Introduced in 2014, the Mojotone '54 Clone Strat® pickups are authentic clones of original 1954 Stratocaster® pickups. We didn't just copy any old set from a 1954 Stratocaster either. The original 1954 pickups were very inconsistent with output from one to the next. We literally listened to several '54 strats only to find some were ok and some only had one great sounding pickup out of all three.

Mojotone combined the best of the best to create the ultimate piano-like tone out of all 3 pickups. Every detail was painstakingly accounted for, including the right materials and manufacturing methods. Each coil is handwound to the exact same 1954 specifications. Custom sand cast Alnico 3 magnets (raised D magnet like the originals), 50's spec heavy Formvar coil wire, just like the originals. 

Don't miss out on this one of a kind Strat® tone!
Neck: 5.8K
Middle (RWRP): 5.7K
Bridge: 6.2K
Magnet: Alnico 3

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2/17/2021 1:47 pm

Dale Cates

by Dale Cates

My set were purchased perhaps ten years ago, when they were sold as '54 Classics or something like that. Same set as sold now under a different name. No matter. Loved them then, love them now. I have recently been "reunited" after four years with my parts strat which houses these pickups (it was left with a brother while I was living in Asia) (the guitar...2007 Fender Eric Johnson body, these MojoTone picups, Musikraft maple board neck, 5 way switch w/tone wired bridge pup only, MojoTone blend pot in the second slot). I had thought perhaps I might replace the bridge pickup w/an alnico 5, but after getting it back to Thailand with me after a recent trip, it's staying as is. Beautiful cleans and sweet overdriven/fuzz face tones. Get these!

2/17/2021 1:47 pm

Jonathan Steinman

by Jonathan Steinman

I have a 1999 Masterbuilt John English 55' Strat. A number of years ago the lead pickup became intermittent, so I put in a set of Texas Specials. They sounded... ok, but nothing like my old pickups. I did some research and found the Mojotone 54' Alnico 3 pickups. But I wasn't sure... So I called, and the folks at Mojotone went out of there way to help!!! I ordered the pickups and when they were installed MY GUITAR WAS BACK!!! the sweet highs. the chime, the 2&4 postions are perfect! Thank you MOJOTONE!!!