'59 Clone Jazzmaster® Pickup

$76.95 to $141.95
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We found many inconsistencies with the originals when it came to output and tone, however, the ones that were special had a certain power and warmth that stood out above the rest. 

Mojotone Jazzmaster® clones represent the most spectacular '59 Jazzmaster® pickups in every way. We do handwound coils with Alnico 5 cast rod magnets, and vintage correct plain enamel wire. The coils aren't just "handwound", we found a specific tension and winding pattern that made them sing and we replicated that perfectly. 

The neck pickup is clear and loud with exceptional clarity and warmth. The bridge pickup has a loose feel with lots of power and tone just like a killer '59 Jazzmaster® pickup. Reverse wound for hum-cancelling when both pickups are together. No doubt we nailed it. Vacuum potted coils.

Bridge: 8.3K (RWRP)
Neck: 7.9K
Magnet: Alnico 5
Lead: Cloth Push-Back
Potted: Yes

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4/18/2022 12:18 pm

A killer JM set for a killer price

by Zach C. -

I've been trying many sets of Jazzmaster pickups for the past 5 years or so and finally got my hands on these pickups. They are so gorgeous sounding, well made, and well balanced. Compared to the Fender Pure Vintage '65 JM pickups, these have more warmth and fatness. Plus, the bridge pickup is slightly overwound vs the neck. This gives great balance when switching pickups that the Fender set lacks. These work great for any style of music and are very well built. One touch I like is that the hookup wires are run through a hole before turning back around to the solder joint. This gives greater mechanical strength and will increase the longevity of the pickups. They don't squeal under volume/gain either which is a plus. The price is quite a good value, you should definitely consider these pickups for your Jazzmaster!!

8/28/2021 9:55 am

Non wax potted jazz master

by Ricardo Barrosse -

Very pleased with the 59 clone pickups. As I was shopping around for jazz master pickups, these seemed very much in line with how these were constructed in both material and process. What really sealed the deal was that these were the only ones I could find that weren’t wax potted. Which is even more surprising because it wasn’t listed as being non potted but I asked them through email if they could do that and they said “sure”. So what I thought was sort of a factory type pickup is actually a more of a custom shop type quality. All that so far is pointless if they don’t sound good though but theses sound great. Everything I expected. Warm neck, cutting bridge, plucky middle. My only real complaint is the mounting screw heads will strip out immediately with one slip of your driver tip.