Clone P-90 Soapbar Pickup

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Faithful to the original 50's era P-90 using a blend of Alnico magnets and vintage spec plain enamel wire. We took the best sounding examples from the 50's and recreated the ultimate neck and bridge combo.

Alnico 3 for the neck pickup and Alnico 4 for the RWRP bridge pickup. The neck pickup has that sweetness and clarity while the bridge pickup has a nice articulate grind, with rich overtones. Vacuum potted coils.

Bridge: 8K (RWRP)
Neck: 7.3K
Magnet: Alnico 3 (Neck); Alnico 4 (Bridge)
Lead: Optional
Potted: Yes

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9/16/2022 9:00 pm

Stop agonizing, just buy a set!

by Jack Tozzi -

Just buy these things!
15 years ago, I spend $200 for a used Ibanez JetKing JTK30 that had one of the best feeling maple/rosewood necks I'd ever played, but the stock ceramic P90s were pretty bad. About a year ago, I decided to change the pups.
I almost pulled the trigger on a pair of alnico V P90s from a company that I've bought great pickups from in the past. Then I remembered I had an LP with alnico V p90s. The Gibson bridge pickup was terrific, but I was always unhappy with the neck pickup. It never sounded really open.
The mojotone neck alnico III pickup is so clear and so open sounding. The alnico IV has the growl and rip I remember from the Gibson P90 but with more finesse. Through the stock 5E3, I get all the rock sounds I've ever dreamed of. With the neck pickup run overdriven, the sound is a very sweet singing sound. Not quite Clapton's "woman" sound, but in some ways even more singing. Simply great! No regrets, at all.

6/29/2022 11:23 am

Beautiful and biting

by LJ -

I put a pair of these in my LP with 50s wiring. These are great. They have bite and clean up beautifully by rolling back the volume. Each position has a distinct tone, too, so the guitar is very versatile. These pickups might have made this my favorite guitar, ahead of my 335 and Nashville tele. I set the height of the bridge at: treble .08", bass .09; neck: treble .06", bass .09". Then I tweaked the pickup heights a little to get the volumes even and then tweaked the individual pole pieces a little to make sure string volumes were uniform. If you are on the fence, get them. They are as close to perfect as I can imagine.