Mojotone Discrete Hi-Voltage Series Effects Loop for Vacuum Tube Amplifiers

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0** // 8-22-18 DCEP

Optimized for insertion between your preamp and phase-inverter stages, this low noise, non-clipping effects loop utilizes a discrete, high voltage buffer and a return gain stage. Includes true bypass.

Installation requires 4 wires, power ground input and output.

Required supply voltage: between 250V-400V dc

The stock setup offers a send with 10dB of cut and a return stage with 16dB of boost. The signal path can be reconfigured with panel mount pots, or trim pots (not included) or by changing component values on the board for a modified fixed installation.

The stock board has been well tested in British 45 and British 800 installations and is quiet and highly functional.

Wire is not included since you will probably want to use cloth covered wire in Fender installations and PVC coated wire in British amps. Our installations did not require the use of shielded wire.

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2/17/2021 1:32 pm

Wow! It is a pretty easy installation.

by anonymous

Wow! It is a pretty easy installation. I installed it in a Ted Weber Halle kit amp I had built. The instructions are pretty easy to follow. I only got crossed up on the connection for the send and return wires. The connections are labeled IN and OUT and you can interpret that two ways depending on how you are looking at the circuits. The board is clean and transparent in use although I seemed to have lost a tiny bit of gain when it is in manual by-pass mode.

2/17/2021 1:32 pm

Thanks for a great product, AND great service.

by anonymous

First, I want to commend you on your excellent service ! I ordered on Thursday and received the Effects Loop on Saterday, and the custom face plate on Monday.The short turn around time was unexpected but much appreciated !

It was installed in the AO-28 pre-amplifier of my Hammond A100 organ. Because of its small size, I was able mount the device inside the chassis.

Trim pots were necessary because of the hot signal in the AO-28 preamp.

I used two conducter shielded mic cable for the in/out. Red for return, and white for send. Black hookup wire was used for "ground", and Red for "B+".

For the Send Pot, I used Black "Ground", Blue "Wiper", Yellow "Send".

For the Return Pot, I used Black "Ground", Blue "Wiper", Green "Return".

Also, I twisted the 3 wires for each trim pot to avoid "Hum" problems.

Because of its inline design, I am able to keep all of the organ features.

Thanks for a great product, AND great service.