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Pre-Wired Premium Historic Les Paul Wiring Harness (Short Shaft)

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Independent volumes in middle position. 

Have you ever noticed how your volume controls are not independent from each other in the middle position? Or how about where your treble drops off immediately when you roll the volume down? These could be considered flaws especially for those who like to use their volume and tone controls. Vintage 50's wiring reduces the treble loss when rolling your volume down and increases the overall presence of your sound, but you still don't have independent volume controls in the middle position. 

Our unique independent 50's wiring utilizes the benefits of vintage style wiring with a no compromise solution for independent volume controls in the middle position. Each position on your 3-way toggle will benefit from the 50's wiring with more overall presence and less treble loss when rolling the volume back, while allowing you to have smooth independent volume controls for each pickup in the middle position. That along with our easy to turn custom vintage taper CTS pots, authentic reproduction Luxe Sprague Bumblebee paper and oil capacitors, and Switchcraft toggle switch and jack, makes this the most worthy upgrade for your Les Paul! 

Wait there's one more thing! We also use a lower value .015uf capacitor on the neck tone control to brighten the neck pickup tone. The bridge pickup gets the standard value .022uf cap for a smooth and warmer tone. Some call this capacitor mod "Woman Tone" but we just find it's more useful overall for dialing in all of the small details that add up to better tone.
  • CTS 500k vintage taper short shaft potentiometers 
  • Switchcraft long straight toggle switch 
  • Switchcraft mono input jack 
  • Luxe repro Bumblebee capacitors 
  • Vintage correct external braided wire
  • Detailed wiring diagram

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7/13/2022 10:08 am

Worth the money

by Cullen -

Best you’re gonna find for a nice les paul. I wanted the vintage tone for a very nice R9 with paf pickups, and this is the ticket! Save the orange drops for your modern guitars. The instructions leave out the earth ground, but that should be common knowledge. I really wanted to be able to roll off my volume knob with an even sweep without losing treble or a ton of gain. This doesn’t really do that, I still lose quite a bit of everything quickly. But it works great and the tone is insane! I think to achieve that you’d want to go the modern wiring route with treble bleeds and such. I tried that too, this sounds way better imo. Last but most importantly…. Huge thanks to Andrew Simmons for taking the time to explain their products and help me find the right one. Excellent customer service and quality with these folks. I’ve been using the 4 way harness in my tele for several years with zero issues

4/16/2022 7:28 am

Best feel and EQ pots period.

by Paul Fullem -

I have purchased a few of these vintage wiring kits. And I have had every other high end boutique brand, Throbak, RS Guitarworks, VIP Pots, etc. These are the best for two reasons: the taper is very usable all up and down and doesn’t drop off at 7, nor does is just retain treble as you go down the entire travel (it does) but retains some fullness of the lower frequencies too. Hard to explain sound.

And the second reason: low low torque. When other manufacturers say “low torque” they’re all lying. These feel like their 50 years old. Barely any resistance as you use the pot. Awesome!

I bought a kit for a ES-330 and it changed the guitar. Also, don’t skimp—get the Luxe caps too. I mean, you can’t go wrong with anything they sell, but there IS a subtle difference and this you can get many shades of tones with a good cap. Oh, and their pre-soldering is impeccable and actually saves you (or your tech) time on the bench.