Mojotone BV-25M 12" British Vintage 25W Speaker 8 OHM

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Mojotone speakers are produced using soft parts from Europe.  Our team spent many years testing various speakers and used collective knowledge to create the well known BV series speakers that are loved and trusted by guitarists.  Those seeking vintage British voiced speakers need to look no further, our BV25 is the answer.
  • Speaker Size: 12"
  • Voice Coil: 1.75"
  • Magnet: 37 oz. Ceramic
  • Power Handing: 25 watts
  • Resonance (Fs): 77Hz 
  • Sensitivity: 97db
  • Size 12" Speaker
  • Voice Coil 1.5" Voice Coil
  • Magnet 30 oz Ceramic Magnet
  • Power Handling 50 watts
  • Efficiency 99 dB
  • Voice Coil Type Nomex voice coil
  • Weight 5.73lbs

Speaker Comparison to Vintage Celestion

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10/24/2023 1:16 am

British Vintage. ‘Nuff said!!

by Jjl -

Like others, Johan Segeborn led me to the BV-25M.

While I’ve never played a vintage greenback, this is the late 60s early 70s British sound. At least to my ears.

This replaced a WGS Green Beret which is a good speaker. But this blows the Green Beret away.

Long live Mojotone!

6/23/2023 1:19 pm

Mojotone Rocks!

by Michael -

Speaker is everything Johan Segeborn said it would be.

I’m rocking it in my little Tone King Gremlin. Pretty close to Marshall JTM tones using the tweed channel now.

— Michael

Tone King Gremlin Combo
Blackface and Tweed channels
5 Watts
Built-in Ironman II attenuator
V1: 1st Gain Stage either Channel 1&2 12AX7
• Replaced V1 for less gain, more usable volume.
• RCA 6072A (military grade 12AY7) Black Plate balanced triodes NOS 1982.
V2: 2nd Stage C.F. Channel 1&2, Driver Stage 12AX7A
V3: Output Tube KT66
KT66 delivers old-school tone out of the box. This tube made Marshall JTM45 Plexi Amps famous in the 60's. SRV used the KT66 to his Fender amps for his outrageous guitar sound.
Speaker: Mojotone BV-25M 12" British Vintage 25W Speaker 8 Ohm
Replaced original: 12" Celestion 870 for Tone King - nothing special.