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Pre-Wired SG Guitar Wiring Harness

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At one point or another, it is essential for any guitarist to upgrade or replace the electronics in their guitar.  Each component is just as important as the next, which is why Mojotone has created a pre-wired assembly with the highest quality components on the market.  This is a standard Gibson SG style kit that will fit most SG copies and originals. Use push on knobs only.
  • (4) CTS 500k vintage taper short shaft 7% tolerance potentiometers 
  • (1) Switchcraft short straight toggle switch 
  • (1) Switchcraft mono input jack 
  • (2) Vitamin T Oil Filled .022uf capacitor 
  • (1 ft) Bus wire
  • (1 ft) Pre-tinned cloth covered black wire 
  • (1 ft) Shielded cloth covered 22 gauge black wire

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2/17/2021 1:48 pm

Thank you again MojoTone for your great customer service and technical perfection!!!

by Reed B. -

This totally transformed the tone and reliability of my Epiphone EB3 (SG style) bass. Snug but perfect fit. Thank you again MojoTone for your great customer service and technical perfection!!! Recently used the bass on an important track in the studio and it was over the top with a new set up pickups and this pre-wired control kit. Thank you. Next purchase coming soon...

2/17/2021 1:48 pm

I literally cannot make it sound bad

by Bob Seay -

I never write reviews but your the pre-wire kit is so sweet I had to. The change in tone is beyond belief and I can finally make my SG/Boogie mark ii sing. Wow. I have spent years changing tubes and tweaking my amp and your pre-wire kit for my SG makes it sound like gold. I literally cannot make it sound bad. Many thanks Mojotone. This a very high quality kit (pots/caps/wiring/switch). It is a very well done 50s wiring rig without too little drop off at lower volumes. I can finally jam late at night in the house! I replaced 300k stock pots on an SG faded; the 500k pots make it scream and this pre-wired kit is perfect; most of all in tone improvement. For SG owners - the shafts were longer than my stock and the knobs will be about 1/8" off of the body. No biggy as that is the vintage look right. Also had to adjust the slots on 2 of them to get the knobs to stick. Be careful if doing that (videos online), but it works great - no need to buy new. Now for some rockin...