Pedal Kits

Mojotone Pedal Kits - Part Two: RT-OD (Rat) and BM-FZ (Fuzz)

Classic effects pedal circuits with a Mojotone custom twist. Find out more here!

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Building a Mojotone A/B Pedal Kit

Having a quality A/B Switcher Pedal can come in handy in a number of applications. Today, we’ll do a quick demonstration of how to assemble one of Mojotone’s A/B Pedal Kits. It’s a quick and easy build, and a great project for DIY beginners!

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MIM: Build A Mojotone TS-1 Pedal Kit

Building a pedal kit is a great way to get familiar with a number of electronic components and the tools needed to work with them. Today we are assembling a Mojotone TS-1 Tube Screamer pedal kit one step at a time to hone our DIY skills!

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