Mojotone Grand Canyon 4X12 Speaker Extension Cabinet

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Weight: 52 lb
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Do you desire sound massive enough to fill the Grand Canyon? Do you seek tone with enough relentless brutality to carve a NEW Grand Canyon out of the earth before you? Consider your quest ended, mighty warrior. You'll make friends and foes alike tremble with the power of the new Mojotone Grand Canyon 4x12 speaker cabinet!

At 32" tall and 29-3/4" wide, this Baltic Birch Beast will intimidate and awe your audience before a single note is even played. Forged out of 100% Void-Free Baltic Birch plywood and handcrafted in our woodshop located in Burgaw, NC with 1/4" finger joints, this nigh-indestructible cabinet will surely see you through many battles until you die on stage in front of legions of fans and hand it down to a worthy heir.

The Grand Canyon cab offers some elite features that are sure to excite any true headbanger. These include a frequency relief port at the bottom of the baffle, shrouded in darkness behind the grill cloth. Its purpose is to help prevent overbearing bass frequencies from muddying up your razor sharp tone. The Grand Canyon also features a vintage style 2x4 sound post attached to the speaker baffle and back panel to help you bring the hammer down on audiences with well-defined "chugs" that aren't dragged down by pesky cabinet buzzing. A 5/8" thick birch backpanel is installed in the cabinet, preventing any of its dark magic from seeping out the back. The Grand Canyon faces things head on, and it always wins.

If your aim is to maximize the punching power of your crushing riffs and searing leads, the cabinet you choose can't be left to the bargain bin. Choose your weapon. Choose the Mojotone Grand Canyon.

Handmade in the USA
  • Dimensions:(H) 32" x (W) 30" x (D) 14"
  • Covering:Fender Style Black
  • Grill Cloth:British Style Black
  • Piping:Medium White
  • Hardware:Metal Recessed Handles, Large Rubber Feet, Black Metal Jack Ferrule
  • Back Panel:1 piece Closed Back Panel
  • Speaker Cut Out:4x12
  • Wiring Harness:Included
Mojotone logo, installed in lower right hand corner of cabinet.

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7/17/2021 4:53 pm

Phenomenally solid tone

by Adam -

Incredible, easily the best cabs I’ve played or owned. Custom ordered a Grand Canyon in western wine tolex and a Twin Canyon in green snakeskin tolex, loaded both cabs with a total of 6 Eminence EM-12’s rated at 200 watts a piece lol. Bottom ports keep the tone tight and focused. Absolutely devastating and road worthy.

7/15/2021 2:33 pm

Exactly what I wanted

by Shane W -

I ordered this cab loaded with 2 Celestion v30’s on the bottom and 2 celestion 25watt greenbacks. Sounds great with a Marshall style amp. I like the mids that the v30 bring out.